Experimental and catchy at the same time. Funk, blues, folk, jazz, post rock, hip-hop. Numerous music components brought into one track.

Tokyo-based rock band SuiseiNoboAz was at first influenced by Japanese No Wave band Number Girl. Since 2010, they have released three albums and have built their own original musicality.

Their name was borrowed from “Boaz on Mercury” (Suisei means Mercury) by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.’s science fiction “The Sirens of Titan” novel, which is about free will, omniscience, and the overall purpose of human history. On their 4th album “liquid rainbow”, SuiseiNoboAz seem to be absorbed in these issues seriously.

They sing: “Always winter, always December. Liquid rainbow would come and save us all, after flowers had died, winds stopped, and lovers disappeared.”

I guess that liquid rainbow might be the Buddhist god “Maitreya” who appears 5670 million years later. That wouldn’t save us, after all. So SuiseiNoboAz sing, “Let’s work for our lovers every day. Let’s live. Let’s make us all happy. Have a nice day Babylon Tokyo!”


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