While far from being a newcomer – he’s been producing music for various rap acts for years and even released a solo album in 2013 – it was in 2017 that Šuljo delivered a really unique collection of songs, that finally caught everyone’s attention.

Perhaps fueled by his recent move to the Slovenian coast, the producer created a modern hip-hop beats album, while constantly testing the limits of a genre and incorporating IDM and bass music elements into his abstract musical vision.

From the spaced out electronics of “Mogli” to the hard hitting anti-melodic structures of “Ipad Jolo” and most gloriously on the extraordinary album highlight “Molekula”, Scrap Metal sees Šuljo work and produce in a beatmaking league of his own. (Jernej Trebežnik)


Stream “Scrap Metal” on Bandcamp.

Šuljo on Soundcloud, Bandcamp.

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