Summer Heart

It’s been nearly seven years since I first heard of Summer Heart’s dreamy song ”Please Stay” and since then I’ve followed every single step of David Alexander. It surely been a journey with DIY as a star of guidance. From early homemade lofi-pop to a more gleamy and luxurys production but always on his own and always with the highest quality in mind.

The album ”101” could be seen as the end of his first years as a musician. This is his examination and his way to show what he become after years of making music. It’s actually been a lot of releases the past year but this time it’s different and David himself means that this is the first time in a long long time that he make music for himself. Before “101” he often thought about what his fans or what his label wanted him to do but now he return to the basics and just let creativity flow.

It’s also the first time in a long time that David been proud and satisfied over his work and when you listen to it you’ll notice the creativity and you understand the satisfaction. The album is eclectic (in a good way that is) and a warm mixture of rnb, soul, neodisco and chillwave. The listener get thrown between different emotions and he manage to capture the complexity of life.

Sometimes I want to dance on beaches, sometimes I just want to cry alone in my bed, sometimes I want to hide on the backstreets and sometimes I want to scream from rooftops. He combines hazy beats with the rythm in the vocals and songs like ”Can’t Wait” is just glimmering.

Summer Heart been one of Sweden’s best kept secret for a while now and with this album he consolidates his place as one of our best artist in the small but adorable genre called chillwave-soul-rnb-hifi-lofi-balearic-sit down and dance-pop. (Fabian Forslund)


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