Super Napkin

With the implementation of fuzz guitar sounds and heavy drum beats, “Brahe” is the first official music video from young and talented trio band Super Napkin.

Their debut album, “Rhythmic Lizard Moon”, was recorded all by themselves trying to build a perfect utopia for the pop music world.

Influenced by lo-fi, grunge and shoegaze tunes like the Microphones, Sonic Youth and Bob Mould, Super Napkin is a superb live band always trying to search for more possible interactive experiences with the audience through their music.

Powerful and inspirational, Super Napkin’s music surely can lead you to the lights of hope, have redemption of your lonely soul, a clear answer for the question of life.

Stream “Rhythmic Lizard Moon” LP in its entirety here.


Photo: 陳藝堂

Super Napkin on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, Youtube, www.

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