Superlitio’s been part of the alternative Colombian scene since their debut in 1997 with an album called “Marciana”.

Hailing from Cali in the south of the country, the band gained recognition with the song “Que vo a hacer?“, the first single off their third record “Tripping Tropicana”, mixing rock, funk, electronic and Caribbean rhythms, a formula the band has exploded ever since keeping them as one of the most established bands in our alternative spectrum.

“Vándalos” (Vandals) is the latest single off of their most recent album “Nocturna”, featuring Pedrina from Pedrina y Río. A love song taken to a western field where both singers have to fight a duel to escape from their past, their mistakes and misfortunes.

Sweet voices and even sweeter guitar riffs accompany this lyric video ready for your delight.

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