Supernoah (スーパーノア)

Mixing Japanese folk music with post rock in an approach quite like American Football or Mogwai, Supernoah bring us to a place where different people could live together as the lyrics of their new single suggest.

Quruli, Kicell, Nabowa, tricot, JYOCHO (ex. Uchu Conbnini), Outatbero and Llama – we have been introducing many great bands from Japan’s ancient capital, Kyoto. But we haven’t found all the bands we should present.

Kyoto-based alternative rock band Supernoah (スーパーノア) sounds like a supernova, which may warm and raise children as you can see in their video “What Light”, the third single off their first LP “Time” (which might be Noah’s Ark).

Kyoto scene is similar to Glasgow scene where indie musicians help each other. In this case, Supernoah’s support drummer is Llama’s member Shinpei Ishiwatari.

“Time” LP was recorded at Studio SIMPO run by Daisuke Koizumi who helps musicians around Kyoto. For example he has been recording many songs by Quruli, LADY FLASH, Kaho Nakamura and VIVA SHERRY.

We’ll be more than happy to keep hearing new music from Kyoto again and again.


Photo: 岡安いつ美

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