Azure Blue

Azure Blue’s third album, “Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea”, ends the series that started with the epic LP “Rule Of Thirds” back in 2011. In the first single off the new record, Tobias Isaksson – the man behind the Azure shimmer – invites us to a journey, not only within himself, but also a journey through sonic landscapes made of analogue synthesizers and drum machines.

Tobias produced the album all by himself, with a live band to make it more organic – while you can hear a wide range of influences from modern dance music to hiphop. His previous effort wore a dark blue gleam. Now with the single “Tragedy & Changes” Azure Blue takes a leap of hope and guides us through both personal and musical changes.

It´s brighter, lighter and makes the horizon a bit more azure-like than before.

You can stream “Beneath The Hill I Smell The Sea” on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.


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