“It’s quite simple really; it’s a love song,” say Canigou, an upcoming Stockholm-based duo of Emma Lindström and Richard Lindström, about their latest single. “And yes, we are married, so the song is in a way arisen out of love.”

“It’s about loving someone or something unconditionally and without control. It’s about love itself. And it’s also about being grateful for what you’ve got, and knowing that out of a state of love and thankfulness comes always more of the same,” they add.

“We know we’re on the right path when suddenly that feeling of love and gratitude arises from a new song we’re working on. And then that feeling helps us to create something new. And so on.”

“Making music together comes natural, it’s a way for us to express ourselves as individuals and as one at the same time. We’re really just doing what we want, without boundaries and limitations. In love.”


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