Eritrean-Swedish artist Adiam has taken her time to prepare for the proper debut, but as her two recent EPs show – she’s now a fully formed artist with a clear idea of what she wants to sound like.

On her recent EP, “Dark Lake”, released late in 2015, she combined elegant songwriting and her beautiful multilayered vocals with the sound carousel you’d expect from a modern artist.

Minimal piano theme might turn into a powerful pop chorus. Scattered sounds will hypnotize you as effectively as straightforward groove.

Adiam’s latest release, an 8-track album called “Quiet Desperation“, collects both her older songs and very new material, and it shows us both where she comes from and where she aims.

One more thing we know after hearing this release is that Adiam’s one of the names to closely follow in 2016.


Adiam on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, www.

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