Jonas Schwartz

Jonas Schwartz started career in Gothenburg playing quite classic guitar-based indie-pop in 2010. After his 2012 debut album, “Six”, he left his hometown and said goodbye to his guitar, aiming for a new life in Stockholm with the synthesizer as new BFF.

He refused to let his next album be a copy of the first one. So together with the producer André Laos they stepped into a new world, into a new sonic landscape. The result was the album “Xpedition” and beehype featured the song “What If I Leave” in our Best of 2014.

Now Jonas is in the working progress with a new album but I thought we should introduce a song that Jonas released a couple of weeks ago that is just too good to ignore. “Nobody” is a small masterpiece, the drums define perfection and Jonas’ voice could arouse anyone, anytime.

Jonas Schwartz on Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

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