Klaus Johann Grobe

Having toured half of the Europe in 2015, the Swiss duo Klaus Johann Grobe announced that for the next year they’re preparing a new album and a US tour.

The new record, “Spagat der Lieb”, is supposed to come out in May via Trouble In Mind / Cargo Records. But we can already try out some of their current music interests thanks to a new song released at the end of October.

Since 2011, Klaus Johann Grobe have explored multiple directions mixing anything from krautrock to disco. The new single “Baby Lass Uns Sein” (“Baby Let Us Be”) might be their most difficult to categorize yet, and that’s not its only advantage.

With its blurred atmosphere and a melody that is more about promise than delivery, the asks for a repeated listen to discover the clear composition behind it. Baby, let their whole new album be just like this early taste.


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