Szabó Benedek

Hungaropessimism might be a term, but the way Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok keeping up with time, is simply natural and lot of us can relate.

Your twenties are the most competitive years in your whole life both emotionally and carreerwise. Struggles, anxieties, friends,not friends… you get the point.

When Szabó Benedek started to turn these feelings into songs with his band in 2013, however the band name included the word “Galaxy”, the whole concept was more introverted rather than reflecting to the whole universe.

Then years went by and the “sad boys scolding the passing youth” image took a turn in 2018, when these feelings seemed to settle in their latest LP, “Lehet, hogy rólad álmodtam”, which means “Maybe I Dreamed About You”.

Almost in the middle of this album, there is a song called “Hexanol”, whose title refers to an organic compound and the content is featuring jazzy standards. Maybe this song defines the essential of the album, which is the unexpected, sometimes uneven vibe of the “Lehet, hogy rólad álmodtam”, as it’s nothing like we’ve heard from Benedek’s band.

Meditative, dreamy, somewhat old-fashioned remembrance of the lyrics-focused songs they have made before. The often angry messages got displaced by resignation, and LOTS of keyboard instruments.

Stream “Lehet, hogy rólad álmodtam” LP on YouTube and Bandcamp.


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