川秋沙 Goosander

Goosander (川秋沙) is a four-piece Taiwanese indie rock band. After releasing the critical acclaimed debut album “Artificial Shoal” (人造沙洲), which has won the best rock album at Golden Indie Music Awards in Taiwan, Goosander reformed and focused on creating “White Noise”.

Goosander’s new record is a concept album that originated from the epic novel by Don DeLillo. With blurred guitar sounds and the atmosphere generated by the synthesizer, “White Noise” (“白噪音”) has a classic rock sound. The lyrics themselves search for the meaning of deepest humanity and the dilemmas of Taiwanese society.

You can stream “White Noise” LP in its entirety on the band’s Bandcamp.

Goosander on Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Facebook, YouTube, Streetvoice, Indievox.

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