Sunset Samurai (夕陽武士)

Young and talented, Sunset Samurai (夕陽武士) is a punk/indie rock band based in Kaohsiung and mainly singing in Taiwanese. Within one year after having formed, they released their debut album “Sunrise” (日出) and earned critical acclaim all over Taiwan.

Although it’s hidden beneath a powerful rock sound, the members of Sunset Samurai are really sentimental kids. But songs they have produced are not just typical rock ballads, each one has a different meaning deep inside the lyrics.

Their recent single, “Seasons” (“春夏秋冬”, literally meaning “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter”), is dedicated to their parents. It shows appreciation and gratitude for the love, patience and care they were given in their childhood.


Sunset Samurai on Facebook, YouTube, Indievox.

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