Tal Tamari

Five beautiful songs from one of Israel’s most talented singer-songwriters.

Exactly one year after his previous full-length album, Tal Tamari (טל תמרי) brings a shorter release with just five songs, but its quality more than compensates the quantity.

Tal Tamari himself has taken responsibility for most of the things here. He’s composed the songs, arranged them, produced the whole thing and mixed it. Oh, and he played acoustic guitar, drums, and keyboards. And he also made that simple album cover.

But he’s not completely alone – Omri Horn accompanies him on electric guitars and bass, and sometimes Yoav Arbel on mikes.

It’s difficult to talk about the highlights and these 18 minutes offer a very high quality, but we found ourselves keeping the more upbeat tracks, second “כל יום” (see above) and fourth “עמוק עמוק” (see below), on repeat in our heads. And between them, there’s a beautiful ballad “עכשיו”.

As a whole, it’s one of the most beautiful music releases we’ve heard in the first weeks of 2020 in the singer-songwriter territory, and a reminder you don’t need to reinvent this genre, you just need good songs.

Stream “טל תמרי” EP on Bandcamp and Spotify.


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