Tamara Obrovac Transhistria Ensemble

Tamara Obrovac is among the most-recognized Croatian world music artists outside Croatia.

As she comes from Istria originally, the traditional music of Istria has had a major influence on her sound. However, she has never stopped at using just one inspiration in her songs.

Tamara prefers to combine various elements in her special mix, and often includes improvisations. But the most characteristic thing in her sound is her voice and specific interpretation.

In April, she released a new album called “Canto amoroso”. Above you can stream the latest single off this new work called “Se me ra morta privari” (“If Death Was to Trick Me”), which shows Tamara’s talents at her best.

This is a classic song of her band, Tamara Obrovac Transhistria Ensemble, and it’s a good starting point to become start adoring her just like thousands of fans around the globe.


Photo: T. Genc

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