Tamara van Esch

We are happy to introduce you to the stunning new single from Tamara van Esch created together with those vulnerable.

Attentive Beehype readers might recognize Tamara van Esch as Mevrouw Tamara who we wrote about in early 2020. Using her own name, she will release a new record called “Tussen Lagen” (which can be translated an interpreted in two ways: in between layers or layers in between) in April this year.

We are happy to introduce you to the stunning first single Trechter (“Funnel”) in which Van Esch considers how it can be difficult to close your mind and process information in the chaotic world around us that has more stimuli than ever.

The new single sounds a little heaver than the dreamy sounds we’ve known Van Esch for, nodding towards to intimate indie rock of Nilüfer Yanya and Phoebe Bridgers.

About the upcoming record Van Esch stated that she wanted to give voice to unknown stories that are hopeful, with both intimate and experimental sides.

Therefore, she did a bit of research into the experiences of psychologically vulnerable people that resulted in lyrics and artwork that was created together with them. Sounds like an ambitious project that we can’t wait to hear in full.


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Photo credit: Rogier Boogaard

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