Tamino is Belgium’s up and coming talent number one. He was one of the three winners of the most recent edition of De Nieuwe Lichting, a major music contest organised by national radio Studio Brussel.

“Habibi” is a delightful yet dramatic song about forgetting a lover from the past, and how unbearable this can actually be. The song starts with some mysteriously whispering music, followed by Tamino’s characteristic high voice, which is an absolute asset.

This new kid on the block, born in Belgium but from an Egyptian ancestry, reaches notes that most men can only dream of, or be scared of, depending on the cause.

The climax of “Habibi” expresses all the mental pain you can feel while you try to accept that a relationship has really ended. Luckily, Tamino will be releasing an EP later in 2017.

The time to say goodbye to this great young singer and musician, is skyrocketing to the top, rather than going step by step, has not come yet.


Photo: Anton Coene

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