Tante Elze

“Hmota” means substance or material and in a coincidence of eponymy, it actually is new material by the artist Tante Elze.

The band has just released the first LP following a debut EP “Keď nevieš, kam z konopí” from 2014. Back then it was just Veronika Lečková, now they are a two-piece band with Tomáš Prišitak.

Soft light as well as smooth lines on the cover implies the sound of the team. “Hmota” is supposed to capture “slow everyday and routine life, the same as ordinary both material and mental forms of being”.

However, the recording doesn’t sound ordinary at all. On the other hand, the exceptional album definitely captures time passing: from December they lead us through “Každý deň” (Every Day) to “Leto” (Summer).

The first single “Nespi” (Don’t sleep) starts in a quiet and restrained way but after those deep chords come in, the track gains its strength. And maybe the pious character (“I’ll be singing Hallelujah”) over the distorted sound walls helps to build the wholeness of the chant.

Though previously Veronika sang in English too, she always knew she wanted to write and sing in Slovak. The artist was also clear about writing pop music even though she’s got a musical education. Thanks to these facts the Slovak scene has been gifted with nine songs on “Hmota”.

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