I first watched Tarana Marwah a.k.a. Komorebi perform live just a couple of weeks ago, in the city of New Delhi, and was mighty impressed.

The young producer exercises great control over her vocal prowess and has worked out a formulaic, yet pleasing production aesthetic.

“Flight”, lacking vocals, really stands out for me from the rest of her recent EP called “Komorebi” and a bunch of other unreleased material that make up her live set.

This song highlights, in some sense, her need to paying attention to detailed layering and sound trinkets over what feels like a song, with a start and an end.

Over the years, I’m excited to see where she takes her sound – hopefully not to the p4k inspiration and imitation yard. We could do with our own Sylvan Esso!


Photo: Parthiv Goel

Komorebi on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter.

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