Tarwa N-Tiniri

Amazing Amazigh music from Tarwa N-Tiniri, which aptly translates as Sons of the Desert.

Tarwa N-Tiniri formed over a decade ago on a close vicinity of Sahara and their new, second album “Akal” (meaning “Land”) was also recorded in their village of Hassi Labied sitting just on the border of desert.

They proudly represent Amazigh (or Berber) culture, which means that you will actually recognize a whole range of influences on this mesmerizing album. There’s the so-called desert blues in its most hypnotic version, there are also elements of Arabic tradition as well as more contemporary music, also because of guests like the Dutch pianist Thijs Borsten. There’s even reggae.

In spite of all of this, “Akal” is a slow, contemplative listen that will be a perfect soundtrack for night sky observations, or a facilitator for some personal reflections.

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Photo: Hardy Haytam

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