A hidden gem, Moroccan band Tawargit – or “The Dream” in English – are five young musicians from Tangier portraying their Amazighi identity through music.

2011 saw them come together to release their first album “Saghru”. It was followed by their 2014 effort “Azwu n Tilelli”, or “Wind of Freedom”, which put them forward on the international World Music map after the success of its title track as well as “Elulu” and many others.

Like most of Tawargit’s tracks, “Elulu” – or “Sublime Mother” – starts off with an acoustic guitar riff immersed in African and Berber influences, before breaking into a nostalgic Nay line transcending into a full Berber encounter.

All of that mingles beautifully with the deep vocals of Muha Ennassiri apace with alluring Moroccan percussion beats, creating a spellbound sound completely fresh to the ears, overcoming language barriers and proving that Music is an international language like no other.


Tawargit on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube.

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