Tayos is somewhat of a mystery.

Talk of their music first came to me through a story on Instagram, where someone streamed a tiny bit of their debut concert in Guayaquil, where their layered, math-rock influenced style caught my ears.

Ever since then, I kept them on my radar, expecting to find a complete album on the internet. Nothing was to be found for several months, until eventually they released the art for their upcoming EP “Conglomo” (Conglom-O was originally the name of an evil stock-trading company in 90s Nickelodeon Cartoon “Rocko’s Modern Life”). The release of the titular track came a couple days later.

The track itself is a somewhat frantic rush of aggressive guitars, with a pulsing drum beat and intense bassline accompanying the twisting synths and borderline percussive guitars.

Not much else is known about the project yet, a couple of live videos have surfaced, where we can witness the prowess of the musicians, some of them hailing from some of Guayaquil’s coolest bands that have somewhat faded away.

Guitarist Aldo Vanoni used to play in Ecuador’s foremost math-rock cult act, Macho Muchacho, while drummer Aldo Macchiavello hails from Niñosaurios, who made one of the strongest prog-rock releases in Ecuador’s history.

What shines through all this is the vocalist’s approach, somewhat distant from what we traditionally hear in local rock music. We’ll certainly be keeping an eye and ear out for new material from Tayos in the coming months.


Photo: María Cuesta

Tayos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bandcamp.

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