Teitur Magnússon

Teitur Magnússon is an unusual character, and would be in any music scene.

With a zen-like gaze, a long, red druidic beard, a flowing mane of blonde hair and an unusual sense of style, he carries with him an aura of deep calm and quizzical eccentricity.

While you might expect his music to be some kind of highly experimental and bugged-out dronetronica, it’s actually anything but. Teitur has made a name for himself in Iceland for his lushly produced and pleasingly wonky guitar pop, which comes with plenty of rich and unexpected instrumentation, and interesting psychedelic edges.

His new album, “Orna”, is his best to date—it’s full of earworm melodies that sound like they could have been beamed out of a peaceful, blissed out 1970s beach enclave, picking up all the latest advances in music production along the way.

Opener “Bara Þú” is an easy going ballad with flute trills and echoing, tinkling piano, opening single “Hverra Manna?” comes with sonorous brass hook. The title track is a psych-pop delight, and watching the spaced out video is an absolute must.

His plaintive, multi-tracked voice has a smooth and reassuring tone throughout—one wonders how far Teitur’s considerable charisma and evident talent could go if a couple million more people could understand the Icelandic language.

Either way, “Orna” is a keeper.

Stream “Orna” on Spotify and Bandcamp.


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