India’s had an exceptional year for singer-songwriters with an unbroken flow of countless EPs and albums. But fans had been waiting for one particular record with bated breath. Tejas Menon’s debut album, “Make It Happen”, is finally here and it’s flippin’ awesome!

Follow-up to his 2014 EP, “Small Victories”, Tejas is back with his signature playing style, striking melodies and irresistible voice. But this record is way more richer, dense and has a noticeable thematic tone to the sounds.

It’s as colorful and charming as the accompanying album art. He noticeably pulls from various influences and harmonizes them in his unique fashion. The entire album is wholesome and cinematic in ways the Indian singer-songwriter scene hasn’t experienced before.

Kicking off with the very bubbly title track “Make It Happen”. It very much feels like an introduction to his sound as a variety of instruments sparkle throughout the track.

Then there are the tracks “You Want”, with its suave riff and the track “Kindness”, which is ironically the meanest and most aggressive track in the entire record. Half-way through is a personal favorite, the very sultry “Wine”. The entire track is delightfully sexy and has a glorious climax to it.

There is a thematic shift in the later half as the songs become more intimate and explore some of the darker shades. This gives another dimension to the album and adds more depth. The beautiful love ballad “Slow Me Down” is simply hard to miss along with the soulful yet brooding “Foresight” featuring Heather Andrews.

The album ends with the gut wrenching “Maybe We’re Not Enough”. It’s only Tejas and his acoustic guitar passionately pulling your heartstrings.

Some of the tracks don’t have the same repeat value and do feel unnecessarily long at times. The track “I Can Be The Night” has an old-school flair which doesn’t particular suit my taste.

All in all this album soars above all the records put by Tejas’s peers so far in terms of scale. It can be played in an intimate setting and can be transformed into a concert experience.

I couldn’t be more excited for what Tejas has in store for us next, for I know, he’ll make it happen.

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