Témé Tan

When virtually everybody refers to your music as “an own style” it probably means that you’re doing something special and kinda unique.

Enter Témé Tan, a Belgian artist with Congolese roots, who released his self-titled debut album at the beginning of October, after having played at taste-making showcase festivals like Eurosonic and The Great Escape earlier in 2017.

Tanguy, the guy behind the moniker Témé Tan, has Congolese roots and spent the biggest part of his youth in Brussels and Kinshasa. His music can certainly be danced to, is extremely groovy and electronic, but also very soulful, tropical, and funky.

It can be enjoyed at the beach, in a club, in the headphones while running, or as a stress reliever after a hard day at the office.

“Coups de griffe” sounds both African and European. If you need some sunny sounds to get you though the cold winter months, Témé Tan is your man.

Stream “Témé Tan” LP on Spotify.


Photo: Miko/Miko Studio

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