Tetu Shani & Mayonde

The tradition of male-female duos singing touching love ballads is long and impressive.

With their recent piece called “Chemistry”, Kenyan artists Tetu Shani and Mayonde Maysa have earned their own place in it.

“Chemistry” was produced by (mostly) electronic producer Jinku, also based in Nairobi, so the song’s crystalline acoustic sound is quite a surprise. The arrangement can be as minimal as it is because Tetu and Mayonde completely fill the sound space with their soulful voices. Fitting each other perfectly, they often seem as one.

“There’s chemistry between us I can’t explain,” Mayonde sings somewhere in the middle part of this enchanting piece. “My reaction is to stick with you, I think that imma stick with you”. We’ll stick with these two for sure.


Photo: Lyra Aoko / Artwork: Jacob Solomon

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