Tetu Shani

“If the shoe don’t fit, don’t force it to fit” – this line will stay with you throughout the day after you hear Tetu Shani’s latest single, “The Void”.

Last time we wrote about this singer-songwriter was after he released his delicate duo performance with a fellow Kenyan troubadour, Mayonde Maysa. That song was produced by Jinku, and that’s also the case of “The Void”.

Tetu Shani starts right off in the first second with his neverending mantra: “If the shoe don’t fit, don’t force it to fit”, accompanied only by the acoustic guitar (double here – his own six strings and some additional ones by Fadhilee Itulya).

Yet there’s quite a surprise in the middle part of the song. As Tetu Shani describes the song, it’s “a lush blend of urban folk, electronica and hip hop beats sitting on a soundscape of tribal chants and live percussion.”

Lyrically, the single is dedicated to all those chose not to live their lives the way that would bring them lasting joy, but one that leads just to a rather disappointing success, hence the void in their souls.


Photo: B.O Visuals

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