Thaikkudam Bridge

For all the merits of a world brought closer by modernisation, an erosion of classical artforms is one of the sad truths that accompany the change.

Making this the subject matter of their latest release, Thaikkudam Bridge, an act originating from the beautiful state of Kerala, weaves a powerful narrative surrounding the plight of Kathakali, one of the country’s most iconic dance forms originating from this region.

With lyrics that serve as an ode to the form of expression, a variety of instrumentation really drives the track forward with the act employing the use of distorted guitars, violins and classical percussion instruments to give us a dark and awe inspiring blend of metal and traditional musical elements, a combination that fits perfectly well with the mood of the message being conveyed.

The video accompanying the track is equally laudable as well. Portraying the story of a child born into a family of Kathakali dancers, the video depicts the apathy and, in certain cases, disdain shown towards the protagonist due to him being different from the others.

It also stays true to its title of Navarasam, or the nine facial expressions that are associated with the dance form, by including them all at intermittent points along the video’s length, a fact which was not lost on one very observant viewer who’s YouTube comment can be found right at the top highlighting their times of occurrence.

Owing to the nature of the narrative, the video can also be associated with a variety of sensitive issues from bullying to oppression of minorities, another beautiful aspect of this work of art. The music video truly serves as an audiovisual treat and leaves the listener with a lot to think about.

Who said metal is just noise?


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