New Mandarin

The upcoming Bangkok quartet-turned-quintet New Mandarin take their time between each new release, as since early 2014 they’ve only managed to release four singles. But all of them were worth the wait.

The latest track in the series, “Underwater”, has just received a video treatment. Directed by Ladie Goodman, the clip is alternately artistic and quizzical, which perfectly matches the character of the music itself.

Simple on the surface, “Underwater” is a vibrant start-stop song that constantly swings between delicate folk verses featuring Kla’s solo voice, and a majestic chorus that could be the perfect choice for a sing-along encore at New Mandarin’s live shows.

As they seem to be getting better and better with each new little premiere, we don’t mind waiting a bit longer for the full-length debut. But just a bit.


Photo by SeeSan Vadhanasingha

New Mandarin on Soundcloud, YouTube, Facebook.

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