The ███████

The Black Codes, as that’s how you should read their name, are not an inventive black metal band, but a dreamy new project by Karnpaporn Boonput who previously released his music under the monicker Snuffvideo.

The Buriram-based singer and producer combines introverted songwriting with rich electronic textures, and this way tries to find his own path between today’s myriad music genres. Showing his attitude towards current music discourse, he calls his own sound “whateverwave”.

An invitation to his synthetic, yet somehow heartfelt world, “Warp Portals” is Boonput’s latest single, possibly his most coherent and direct effort to date.

This is also the third song he released as The ███████. To appreciate his versatility as writer and producer, you should check out his two previous singles: the intimate ballad “Shelter” and hard-to-define, futuristic track “‡‡‡‡‡‡” that gradually builds the tension until an unexpected fade-out.


The ███████ on Facebook, YouTube.

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