The Whitest Crow

Bangkok-based four-piece The Whitest Crow employ standard rock setting to create (indie) songs that initially might seem pretty straightforward as well. But after a while, you start to discover diverse inspirations behind their vintage sound.

It’s not only that the quartet started from playing cover songs, that its members like to party and at the same seems to show some outsider punk attitude. But there’s also the theatrical singing manner, psychedelic atmosphere and stomping rhythms that could be inspired by gothic/darkwave as well as African music.

Currently signed to Rats Records, the band has been steadily delivering new singles over the last year and “Follow the Heart” is the latest one. And it’s quite aptly titled, as the relationship with The Whitest Crow seems to be that of love/hate kind. But their musical heroes certainly have had it the very same way.


Photo by Teerapong Thanaruthairoj

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