The BearFox

Singing in Georgian, the band represents a rising trend of previously English-language projects gradually shifting towards their native tongue.

The Bearfox returned with a new release this year, called “გამოიდარებს” (Ode To Brighter Days). The album, which the band considers as their first full-length work, presents itself as a slow evolution of that fog-laden, reverb-drenched sound the band has been long known for.

While it all sounds unmistakably The Bearfox, there are news: it is all sung in Georgian, marking a raising trend of previously English-language Georgian projects gradually shifting towards their native tongue.

This video, directed by Temo Kvirkvelia and featuring choreography by Xosilita, is set to a tune that well represents what this new album is all about: melancholy, reflections and maybe somewhere, flickering traces of unconditional hope.

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