The Bed Room Tape

The Bed Room Tape is the moniker of Kanade Kageyama, the guitarist of Kyoto instrumental group Nabowa. On his second EP, “YARN”, released via Tokyo-based label AWDR/LR2, he mixes jazz, fusion, electronica, dub and hip hop.

The title of the recent video off this record, “Inochi no Hi” (命の火), means “Fire of Life”. For this single, Kanade teamed up with Enon Kwatani (川谷絵音) from Gesu no Kiwami Otome.

Through this project, Kanade seems to express his lonesome feelings, and therefore he always invites guest musicians – a bit like we teamed up with other countries on beehype.

In just three weeks, on March 9th, he will release his 3rd EP titled “Undertow”. It will include a song featuring Gotch who appeared in our Best of 2014 list.


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