The ███████

New single from one of Thailand’s most intriguing electronic artist seems like just a promise of more material to come, but what a promise it is.

You might already know The ███████, or The Black Codes, from our Best of 2016 recommendations, where this project of the Buriram-based singer-songwriter and producer Karnpaporn Boonput appeared with the mesmerizing, aptly titled single “Warp Portals”.

“New Shelter” is his first new track in quite a while, a more minimal and withdrawn than most of his previous works. It takes almost 2 minutes just to introduce you to the leading synth them, and when vocals finally come in, they actually don’t.

Actually, the song, seems like just an intro for a long-playing release, like a doorman tempting you to come in and hear more of those multi-layered textures, to get some complete culminations rather than just a promise, and to hear some real vocal parts rather than only whispers.

Hopefully we’re right and an LP from this talented artists is on its way from the outer space.


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