The Boy feat Kat. Papachristou

If you are willing to see sex in a “50 Shades of Grey” kind of way, please give it a miss. You will find something different in “The Sentimentalists“, or “Οι Αισθηματίες”, a Greek film by Nicholas Triantafyllidis.

And a lot more things to catch up with. A stylish film noir, it’s a sensitive love story that shows the dark side of Athens, with the impressive photography of Giannis Kotrotsis.

Atmospheric, poetic, and full of humor at times combined with extreme and melodramatic scenes. Probably one of the most interesting films of 2014 that came out from Greek cinema. And the winner of the “Best Music Prize” of the Hellenic Film Academy too.

Original music score is written by The Boy, one of the most impressive musicians nowadays in Athens, but it’s the whole package of songs that made this soundtrack memorable. A lovely journey through decades of Greek music.

From Nikos Gounaris and Aleka Kanellidou to the newest Kore Ydro and Mary And The Boy. Plus, some tracks from Enrico Caruso and Yell O Yell. The soundtrack is dedicated to the ethereal voice of Tzeni Vanou, who died in 2014, and the track we are presenting here is “Tonight I Need Company” (Απόψε Θέλω Παρέα), sung by Katerina Papachristou.


The Boy on YouTube.

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