The Briefing

The Briefing is a Latvian indie pop band whose members live and work in London. Two weeks ago, they released their second album, “Favourite Place”, with lyrical tunes inspired by 80`s rhythms and vibes.

The Briefing’s vocalist, keyboard player and author of words Kristīne Dobele says that all the song lyrics are grounded in feelings that she has experienced herself – or noticed in other people.

Although music has always been the bands priority, she explains, in “Favourite Place” music and lyrics are as one.

“Our listeners are hipsters and alternative music lovers! Although some listeners have observed that this record sounds more like pop album,” says Kristīne.

I agree that “Favourite Place” is a pop album, but not in a frivolous sense of the concept. Those catchy and rhythmic songs deserve to be performed and heard not only on electronic devices, but first of all live in concerts.

You can stream “Favourite Place” in its entirety here.


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