The Embassy

There is something certain with the mysterious duo that is hard to pinpoint, but when “Background Music For Action People” came, I would not listen to anything else for weeks. Club kids, music enthusiasts, journalists, well, almost everyone that gets in contact with The Embassy’s music falls deeply and madly in love.

They have an unwillingness to stagnate, steadily exploring musical territories making tunes that suit for smoky late-night-dancefloors as well as your speakers at home. The album’s opening track “Abstract” start out as if the listener is dreaming, with vocals sounding from afar suddenly interrupted by sirens that morph into club beats and 80s vibes.

They follow up with the real banger MD where housebeats meets heavier tunes than what we are used to hear from The Embassy. A trend that seems to continue in the just as good track Nowhere where a cool and almost a bit cocky voice sings “I won’t be bothered” to piano beats, making it clear for the listener that they are moving towards a heavier soundscape than previous releases.

The Embassy is, as always, at their best when doing their own thing, something that manifests well in “Background Music For Action People”. (Amanda Båmstedt)


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