The Hearing

The Hearing is the electronic pop solo project of Ringa Manner, though this already feels like a huge understatement, a vein attempt in clumsy contextualizing, just to explain her backround in a punk rock band. Nevertheless, it is not a trivial feat how she shines through as a solo artist.

This is apparent especially in her live performances, as she takes to the stage alone, triggering beats and samples and looping her strong voice on the spot, layers of confident singing punctuated by decidedly quirky chatter between songs.

While her debut album was nothing short of a revelation in her home country, the sophomore offer titled “Adrian” takes it a few steps further and should win her more fans among those who like Chairlift et al.

Perhaps it’s not a surprise that her voice has also been employed by a growing number of artists and bands lately, but it’s her own material we love the most.

You can stream “Adrian” LP in its entirety on Spotify and Deezer.


Photo: Heta Saukkonen

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