The Ills

Everytime I listen to the Ills, I find myself in that venue in Bratislava where I have seen the band so many times. The club has moved already, but the music of the Ills still gives the same feeling. The darkness, ferocity and the feeling of merging and getting lost in the crowd.

The track “4:17” released on their new LP “Ornamental or Mental” brings a little bit cheerful atmosphere, though. No doubt it’s shoegaze, on the other hand the tune is alarmingly merry. The band walks you through cymbals, strumming the guitar, thundering drums until the bass comes and after all that you finally get to know the real music of The Ills.

It’s the best pleasure to see the bunch playing live, which they’re going to prove on Iceland Airwaves in Reykjavík in November this year, which would be the first band from Slovakia perfoming at the event.

You can stream “Ornamental or Mental” LP on Bandcamp and Soundcloud.


Photo: Michal Babincak

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