The Independent

If I had to describe these five guys in two words, I’d call them romantic hooligans. This fivesome is out of control and is as free as their band’s name.

The Independent have come a long way in the search for their raw, hot & soulful sound. In 2010 and 2011, the musicians unsuccessfully tried their luck in Lithuania’s national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest.

They were still in school back then (some of them still are) and classical rock was their biggest inspiration. Further along their musical path, the guys encountered colorful psychedelic music, dance and pop. That’s where they find themselves now.

If you already gave them a try by listening to their new dancefloor single “Jawa” and none of your body parts started to move, you may want to see a doctor. Otherwise, be sure to tune in to the band’s new EP “Vasarvidžio naktys” (meaning “midsummer nights”) and continue grooving.

If names like “Parcels” or “Jungle” speak to you, The Independent is something you should hear live when in Lithuania.

Stream “Vasarvidžio naktys” EP on Bandcamp, Spotify and iTunes.

Photo: Bon Bon


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