The MVZE is a Brussels based act that came into being when a producer (Toscano) and a singer (Leo WIlson) met in a studio and discovered that they had quite some influences and interests in common.

The admiration for artists like Major Lazer, Sampha, D’Angelo and The Weeknd translates into a sound that perfectly represents the dynamic and multicultural atmosphere of their hometown.

If we have to wrap up “Nina” in just one sentence, we’d call it a smooth piece of tropical pop, driven by a groovy bass, an enigmatic voice and electronic sounds that can be described as both relaxing and intriguing.

The MVZE have been releasing music since 2015, and managed to catch our attention only very recently.

Now that they’re on our radar, we’ll keep a close eye on these guys, hoping they’ll come up with more remarkable music very soon.


The MVZE on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Soundcloud.

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