The Natsuyasumi Band

Like a bizarre mirage, the Natsuyasumi Band’s collaborative song with art-rock band Mitsume echoes the last days of summer vacations – or adolescence.

For their 10th anniversary, the Natsuyasumi Band (ザ・なつやすみバンド) published their 4th album “Eizo” (映像), which means “Picture”. It was released two weeks ago, and includes three re-recorded songs and three collaborate songs.

For the first single “Shinkiro” (蜃気楼), or “Mirage”, vocalist and guitarist Risa Nakagawa made a demo and co-arranged the material with her band members and Mitsume, who love American Lo-Fi indie rock like Ariel Pink or the musicians from the Burger Records.

As a result, the song sounds like a soundtrack for the moments when you feel you’ve just lost something special. Trumpet and steelpan player MC.sirafu said in an interview for OTOTOY: “We tend to make songs about something lost or ending. I think our feelings about summer holidays start from here.”

He and Atsushi Murai (村井敦) directed the video for ”Shinkiro”. In this video, members of Mitsume and The Natsuyasumi Band travel all around the world on a flying carpet, or rather in a green (blue) box.


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