The Natsuyasumi Band

Risa Nakagawa plays piano and sings: “We will grasp fear, tears, and hope, all things”. Then MC.sirafu blows his trumpet like a fanfare and adds the steelpan.

Bassist Jun Takagi and drummer Mizuki Murano follow with an inspiring groove. According to MC.sirafu, the song was named after Jacques Tati’s movie “Parade”. Each of us has a different life, sometimes full of laugh and happy, sometimes filled with fear and sadness.

Risa Nakagawa says that this is not only her song, it belongs to all listeners. Its purpose is to make a safe shelter from real world. Even if it is a temporary place. And this is actually the reason why they called themselves The Natsuyasumi Band (ザ・なつやすみバンド), meaning The Summer Holiday Band.

MC.sirafu is also known as member of Kataomoi (片思い), and a support member of cero. He and Risa Nakagawa are also known as the duo Utukushiki Hikari (うつくしきひかり).


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