The Ska Vengers

Energy, political messages and kickass live performances; these are what The Ska Vengers are all about. Their second album “XX” continues that tradition with outspoken lyrics, groovy beats and a fair dose of versatility to go with it.

Coming a good long four years after the release of their debut self-titled album, we get to witness a more mature, wholesome sound with one particular track “Frank Brazil” exhibiting some of the best this eight piece dance/ska act has to offer.

Portraying the story of the Indian revolutionary Udham Singh as he vows to avenge the Jallianwallah Bagh massacre of 1919, The Ska Vengers fuse Indian and Ska elements seamlessly to give the song a different dimension.

The music video is a treat to watch too, as it pays tribute to one of the many freedom fighters who laid down their lives for the country in relative obscurity during India’s long freedom struggle.

Wielding this brand of fearless, powerful music makes the latest Ska Vengers LP a stimulating listen regardless of how familiar you are with the political undertones.

Certain tracks such as “El Cumbanchero/Red Fort Rock” bring with them a dash of vigour, while others like “Afro Fantasy” are more atmospheric in nature and make clever use of short rapid instrumental sequences to create a dark, dystopian environment.

That being said, “XX” as a whole will certainly grab your attention as The Ska Vengers jazz through the entirety of its nine track length.

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