The Visual

The Visual is a new Amsterdam-based band fronted by Anna van Rij. Get ready for their upcoming debut EP.

Although their Facebook page lists “everyone” as their influence, it is their unique, brooding sound that makes them so special.

Taking Anna van Rij’s captivating voice as center point, the music of The Visual cleverly alternates between intimate whistles and grand climaxes.

Anna and her band are doing an extensive club tour this fall while finishing off their debut EP, “Translation”, which will be released in mid-December.

We’ve heard two tracks so far, and they’re both equally stunning. Recent single “No One Knows” is a stunning waltz reminding us of Radiohead, with a touch of jazz.

Debut single titled “Lost In Translation”, on the other hand, is a more sober and electronic lullaby. If the rest of the EP is as beautiful as these two gems, it should be an instant classic.


Photo: Ehlana Polgara

The Visual on Facebook, Soundcloud, Spotify.

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