If you feel like spending the next half an hour in a tranquil and welcoming sound environment, look no further than Kazakh music-light-video art project the2vvo.

Apart from traveling around the world with their installations/events, the multidisciplinary duo of Lena Pozdnyakova and Eldar Tagi have been also running “the first indie record label in Kazakhstan” called Aetherial Records.

A few weeks ago, the2vvo (pronounuced “the zwo”) released their first EP called “Scintilla”. It is based on spare sounds of the acoustic guitar, processed electric guitar, minimal textures and electronic manipulation of field recordings collected during their many excursions abroad.

The music feels so intimate and fragile, however, it brings a vision of a privy bedrooom studio somewhere in the countryside they could have possibly left only in their dreams.

This new record, the duo explains, “symbolizes a small spark of idea and it’s evolution and growth into something much bigger.” While you can stream “Scintilla” EP in its entirety here, try to see them live if you have a chance as they can sound pretty different on stage.


the2vvo on Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, www.

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