The story of theAngelcy’s major success is quite similar to that of Cindirella. Its leader, Bar Or, began his carrer as a homeless, wandering musician.

After he checked his skills as a writer and singer on the streets of European cities, he formed theAngelcy. It didn’t take much time for them to start playing all important stages in Israel.

The hype came from the audience, but radio followed soon. And since theAngelcy released their official debut album, “Exit Inside”, you can hear them non-stop on the main Israli radio stations. “My Baby Boy” is one of their earlier songs. Bar Or wrote it after he turned on the TV and all he saw were explosions, fires and funerals. “Pray for my baby boy…”

You can stream theAngelcy’s debut album on their Bandcamp profile. Or follow them on Soundcloud, Facebook or YouTube.

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