Throes + The Shine

It’s been a few months since the Portuguese-Angolan group Throes + The Shine released their third album “Wanga“, which we can now call one of the soundtracks of the northern hemisphere’s summer.

The band’s members stem from Luanda and Porto, and they combine the energy and rhythms of kuduro music with anything that comes into their ears – and whatever their multiple guests bring into their studio. This spontaneous approached let them develop a unique sound with a universal allure.

A magical album, “Wanga” features acclaimed guests from around the world, like Congolese/Canadian artist Pierre Kwenders in “Capuca“, Colombian group Meridian Brothers in “Quentura” or the beloved Argentinian singer La Yegros in the fantastic single “Guerreros”.

While you can stream “Wanga” in its entirety on YouTube and Soundcloud, you should also see them live if you have a chance.

Just in October, they’ll be playing several shows around Europe including three concerts in France, one in the Hungarian capital Budapest and to finish up they’ll visit Spanish edition of the WOMEX festival. Be there and bounce!


Throes + The Shine on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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