“A noite” is the first single from “Esmeraldas”, the new album by songwriter and talented lyricist Tiê.

Her first two albums – “Sweet Jardim” from 2009 and “A Coruja e o Coração” from 2011 – were intimate, minimalist, marked by voice and guitar. Perhaps we could define them as indie folk. But now Tiê’s art shows maturity and self-confidence. She seems to take risks in a different way than she used to, and that’s good.

“A noite” is a Portuguese version of an Italian song “La notte” written by Giuseppe Anastasi and performed originally by Italian singer Arisa. With it’s simple melody, both the original and Tiê’s version reflect a sleepless night when you can not stop thinking of the loved one.

You can hear the entire album “Esmeraldas” on Deezer, or follow Tiê on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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